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2007 - Reaching Out

Professional Presentations


Critical Analysis of Literary Works Using Virtual Worlds

(Co-presented with Mary Zedeck, and Mary Balkun)  

Symposium on the Evolution of Communication

Schedule of Events

New Media Consortium - NMC Conference Center in Second Life

December 4, 2007


Second Life Educator’s Skills Series: How to Make a T-Shirt and Gift Bag

(Co-presented with Nick Noakes, Director of Instructional Design, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Presentation - The workshop was a hands-on activity actually in-world however, a PowerPoint was provided for reference.

NMC Second Life Symposium on Creativity Conference

NMC Second Life Campus, August 13, 2007


Hit the Ground Running – Making the Most of Your Second Life

3 hour Pre-Workshop 

(Co-presented with Nick Noakes, Director of Instructional Design, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

NMC Blog

Leveraging the Affordances, Minimizing the Barriers(

Co-presented as part of a panel of four experts in the field of using virtual environments in education.  Experts included Cynthia Calongne, Hilary Mason and Nick Noakes) 

New Media Consortium 2007 Summer Conference - Indianapolis, Indiana - June 6-9, 2007


The Bar May Not Be as High as You Expect: Considerations in Implementing an Immersive Learning Environment

Co-presented with other experts in the field, and served as a group and program)  

EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Spring 2007 Focus Session

Immersive Learning Environments:  New Paths to Interaction and Engagement

Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Bridging the Gap

NJEDGE Faculty Showcase

Newark, New Jersey

March 23, 2007

(Co-presented with Martha Schoene, Brian Heineman)


Experiencing Teamwork Through Virtual Worlds 

Newark, New Jersey

March 23, 2007

(Co-presented with Danielle Mirliss)


The Next Generation of Digital Learning Spaces: Exploring the Frontier of Virtual Worlds

2007 ELI Conference  

Atlanta, Georgia

January 22- 24, 2007

Co-presenting with: Larry Johnson and Alan Levine, NMC

NMC Blog


Team Building in Virtual Worlds 

MARC 2007

Baltimore, Maryland

January 18, 2007 



2007 - At Home

Seton Hall Special Presentations


Blogs and Wikis - New Opportunities for New Literacies

English Faculty Presentation 

March 22, 2007



Nursing Simulation Day at Seton Hall University 

May 5, 2007


TLTC Summer Series 2007

  • Tablet Day - Lecture 123 Basics

    May 9, 2007

  • Tablet Day II - Lecture 123 Basics

    June 11, 2007

  • Internet II Day -New Conferencing Opportunities for Research and Community  - Marratec, AIM, Skype

    May 15, 2007

  • Personal Broadcasting to Support New Literacies


    July 19, 2007


 TLTC Summer Institute - 2007

  • Creating Community Through Collaboration
  • Enhancing Learning Through Play
  • Creating Your Second Identity in Second Life
  • Bringing Real-World Experience Into the Classroom Through Cased-based Learning

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