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Case Western Reserve

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Virtual Worlds at Case Western Reserve 



"What distinguishes ClevelandPlus from other SecondLife environments is its

community partnerships which connects us to many of our community assets

including not only schools but museums, the library system, and our

healthcare systems. Several of Case's founding partners include the

Cleveland Clinic, the County Library System and Western Reserve Historical

Society. Although we are proud of the physical layout of our ClevelandPlus

islands, our primary focus is on teaching, learning and research. Assessment 

is fundamental to all of our projects and events."  Virtual Worlds at Case Western Reserve <more>  



Barnfield Second Life Project

Barnfield Academy and University 

~ a Case Western Reserve/CISCO Project 

Second Life Training (four full days with faculty and technical staff)

*co-facilitated training with Chris Holden (NMC) and Wendy Shapiro (Case Western) 

Luton, England

July 31 - July 3, 2008





Reference and Contact:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Wendy Shapiro, Ph.D.

Senior Academic Technology Officer; Director of ITAC Case Western Reserve




Wendy Webb (SL)

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