Columbia Coursework


 "He who learns from one who is learning drinks from a flowing river."

~ Native American Proverb



Teachers College

Columbia University 

New York, NY

Degree Sought:  Ed.M.

2003- Present


Advisors:  Dr. Chuck Kinzer and Susan Lowes



Instructional Technology and Media (TEIT)

Communication, Computing and Technology in Education 



Academic Interests: 

Educational Uses of Virtual Worlds in Education

Active Learning  - Case-based, Situated, Collaborative

New Media - New Literacies

Visual Literacies


The Virtual Salt Water Marsh 

Final Ed.M Project

Projected Completion Date:  Spring 2009


Independent Study

Professor Chuck Kinzer

Reseach Project:  

Exploring Literary Texts Through Virtual Worlds 

Appendix I

Spring, 2007, Fall 2007


A&HF 4060 Youth Cultures

Professor John Broughton

Research Paper:  Vehicles for Identify Formation: Exploring Virtual Bodies in 3-D Online Environments 

Fall 2006


(past projects and courses ... coming soon!)