Integrating Simulation Training in a Nursing Theory Course



Integrating Simulation Training in a Nursing Theory Course 


Instructional Designer:  Heidi Trotta

Faculty Member:  Mary Carol Rossignol

Fall, 2007 
Project Abstract: 
The undergraduate nursing curriculum overuses the traditional lecture method of teaching. One may question the conceptual fit of this teaching methodology because our goal is to produce competent nurses that typically work in stressful practice settings. As we add active learning exercises in the classroom to improve our methodologies and help students transfer knowledge into practice, educators are still left with doubts that these activities do not exercise the multiple dimensions of learning (interpretation of sensory information, thinking, and feelings) and simulate the complexity of nursing clinical situations. The aim of this project is to incorporate the use of an emerging technology in nursing education, simulated training, (SimMan) as one way to meet these goals in an acute care course. Simulated training will be piloted over the summer session and in subsequent semesters to develop a realistic model of simulation education. The goal is that this course‚Äôs structure can be used as a prototype in the nursing curriculum.
 SimMan at Seton Hall University  (this production was made as part of the grant)


 Powerpoint Presentation


 Blended Laboratory Simulation and Classroom Teaching - 2008 (co-authored with Marycarol Rossignol) 

Submitted to the International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship



~ funded by a  TLTC Faculty Innovation Grant Project