Supporting Virtual Teams

Supporting Virtual Teams Using Second Life 

~ A Case Study in Emerging Best Practice



Instructional Designer:  Heidi Trotta

Faculty Member:  Danielle Mirliss

Fall 2006 and Spring 2007 


Project Abstract:


Education is moving toward distributed methods of learning. Sophisticated schemes are emerging in such areas as learning by doing, simulations, apprenticeships and the development of learning communities. In addition to supporting collaboration, these effective learning strategies incorporate “just in time” delivery across geographies, expanding the traditional classroom into homes, workplaces and communities. 
Technologies have provided us with new mediums to create innovative learning spaces. Multi-user, virtual environments such as Second Life, present opportunities to immerse students in visual worlds rich in artifacts and content that can be configured for learning.  Offering a place where learners represent themselves by way of avatars, students can experience a diverse group of activities that can support the classroom curriculum and encourage higher order cognitive skills. This case study explored how  undergraduates were able to go beyond the confines of the physical classroom space to gain valuable team-building skills through the use of  a virtual world in an Industrial Psychology class. Issues examined included (1) training and support  (2) curriculum integration and (3) emerging best practice. 
Virtual Teams - Presentations